Well # 1 – Supetai well of Narok South District

Well # 1 – Supetai well of Narok South District – is located about 7 km south of Ewaso Nyiro shopping center off Maasai Mara Road.  The site is on latitudes 01 12’ 22” South and longitudes 35 44’46” East on approximate elevation of 1847 meters above sea level.


Supetai well was drilled to a depth of 95 meters.  Steel casings were inserted to a depth of 65 meters due to the soft soil and sand located at the site.  The drillers tapped into an underground river which will produce more water from the well than the original 30 cubic meters per day projected.

The construction of the Supetai well consists of 8” diameter casings with 6” steel plain and perforated casings following the design of the supervising hydrologist.  The borehole was then properly developed, gravel packed and sealed to avoid any contamination from shallow aquifers.  The well was fitted with a solar powered pump connected to a solar panel grid.  A pump house was constructed to house the controls for the solar equipment and store the harnessed power.  A 10,000 liter holding tank was placed on top of the pump house to allow for storage of the well water and create immediate access to the water for the women.  In addition, a public bathroom and 3 toilets were built to provide proper sanitation measures and to keep the area around the wells clean and uncontaminated.

Supetai is experiencing a naturally occurring high concentration of fluoride and nitrates which is unsafe for human consumption.  The situation has been resolved thru the purchase of a solar powered water purification system that was designed and built by Joe Novitsky of Merlin Eco Solutions.  The water is pre-filtered through a washable sedimentation filter which removes much of the heaviest sediment and deposits from the source.  It pushes the water through a .05 micron, scrubbable ceramic filter removing many harmful contaminates.  Finally the water is channeled past an Ultraviolet (U.V.) sterilization unit that has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

The well is targeted to benefit 3,500 people, 3,000 cows, 10,000 goats/sheep and 100 donkeys.  A water trough’s being constructed to provide water for the livestock.


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