Sabore's Well » Building wells and schools in Kenya

Water is a very important resource and one that should be made available in a clean healthy state. The women and girls in the Ewaso Nyiro region of Kenya have to walk 6-8 miles one-way to collect water from the river, they leave their children unattended or being watched by other children for far too long a period of time, it is back breaking and painful work for these women and many age rapidly because of this. The same water is used for washing clothes and bathing. They collect water where the domestic animals drink and the wild animals imbibe. The water is full of contaminates and creates many health issues for both humans and animals.

Oldonyo Orasha Supetai Community Based Organization and the Oldonyo Orasha Water Project (known as Sabore’s Well) was founded to reduce the desperation and hopeless among the local communities by supplying clean drinkable water, improving environmental conditions, allowing for proper sanitation, reducing poverty, providing high-quality education and making these services safe, available and sustainable to the community.  To make these wells possible, each individual donates 2 acres of land to the CBO.  This insures that the wells are owned by the community and will be accessible to all residents in need of this precious resource – clean drinkable water.


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