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We are pleased to let you know that Sabore is returning to the Bay Area on November 10th, 2015. He will be here until January 8th, 2016.

If you are interested in having him speak to your school, club, business or friends about life as a Masai and the positive changes that you can help him achieve, please contact us through the contact information above or send us an email to saboreswell [at]

Sabore current commitments:

Nov 20th – La Entrada Middle School
Nov 21st to 23rd – Portland, OR
Nov 24th – Palo Alto High School
January 2nd – attending the Shark’s hockey game and riding the Zambonie
January 5th – presentations at Valley Christian
January 6th – presentation at Castilleja
January 7th – presentation at Union Middle School in San Jose

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Therese is going back to school in May to attend the Woman Leaders of the World (WLW). A leadership education program offered by Global Women’s Leadership Network.

“Therese is concerned with the lack of early childhood education available to nursery and kindergarten-aged children. “My goal is to start schools on the land donated to each of Sabore’s Wells. Most children do not attend school until they are eight or nine years old. They lose out on the important developmental years because of the distance they have to walk and the unsafe terrain they must travel.” As Sabore’s Wells has completed the first step in bringing water closer to the villages, her plan is to work on the second step by educating the girls.”


  • camille smith - May 20, 2015 - 8:52 am

    Therese, congratulations on completing WLW! love to have a walk on the beach and hear about your experience. you and Sabore are a great partnership. outstanding contribution to his village.

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Sabore received these amazing collages from the students at Saint Frances Cabrini School in San Jose. They will be used to decorate the new school once it is built. Thank you Mary Saca and her creative students, you are amazing!


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 Here is a link to an article published by Dave Boyce on the Almanac on September 26, 2014

“Encounters with animals were common during his walks to and from school, he said. “When you’re walking, you find an elephant and you don’t want him to smell you, so you take a different direction,” he said. “In the presence of animals, you’re always (adjusting).”
Maasai girls and women face similar challenges with animals on their daily 6-mile to 8-mile treks to fetch river water. The girls should be in classrooms, Mr. Oyie said.”

To read the full article visit the Almanac: Maasai warrior hikes Wunderlich Park

Maasai Land Photo © Mamen Saura
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