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Naretu Preschools update

Naretu Preschools – The first location of the Naretu Preschool has been identified.  The preschool will be located on the property donated for the Supetai Well and was demarcated in January 2016.  A surveyor came out to place the required posts on the four corners of the property.  It is a perfect location to construct the school and all of the other required buildings to support this new campus.

We are working with an architect student who has come up with a brilliant design to keep the children safe and secure in their new learning environment.  The current plan is to utilize the “Circle of Life” concept when constructing the school buildings.  A sloped roof will allow for water catchment which will be used for the school garden.  The school will have a small cafeteria and food program which will use the fruits and vegetables harvested from the garden to feed the students as well as teach them a useful skill..

Teachers housing, bathrooms, toilets and a play ground have also been added to the design.  We are refining the set up and sizes of each structure and are hoping to display it soon on the website.

We are beginning to take donations to build the school and really appreciate the support to make this endeavor a reality.

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