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Naretu Academy Scheduled to Open January 7, 2019

Sabore’s Well is thrilled to let you know that the construction of Naretu Academy is close to completion.  There are a few more metal sheets to add to the roof, installing the glass in the windows, hanging the doors, and painting the interior.  Everything is expected to be finished by December 15th.

Sabore’s Well will then focus on purchasing the desks and school supplies.  Naretu Academy will be welcoming it’s first students when classes begin January 7, 2019.

We’d appreciate your help to raise funds to build the teachers houses and the school kitchen.  Since the teachers do not have the ability to commute, we need to provide housing for them.  The kitchen is necessary to provide the children with daily lunch and a snack.   You can Donate here or we’d be happy to hear from you if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions to reach this goal.



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