Sabore's Well » A project to build wells for the Maasai people

Here is a link to an article published by Mary Gottschalk on the San Jose Mercury News on February 9, 2012

“Growing up Maasai, you learn to understand the direction of the wind, the sounds of birds and the footprints of animals, to tell the difference between the footprints of lions, gazelles, leopards, giraffes and water buffalo

To read the full article visit the San Jose Mercury News: Maasai warrior shares his life in the jungle with students at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose

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Here is a link to an article published on the Good Times on July 19, 2011

“That cause is this: she wants to raise enough money to build two wells in the Ewaso Nyiro region of Kenya, so that local girls can spend their time going to school instead of walking six to eight miles each way to the nearest river, where they obtain all of the water their village uses for drinking and for all other purposes.”

To read the full article visit the Good Times: Wells for Women

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